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Corona Del Mar, CA

In the prestigious community of Corona Del Mar, California, our latest creation is a stunning outdoor pool that epitomizes luxury coastal living. This image captures the allure of our expertly crafted infinity pool, which appears to spill over into the expansive view of the night sky and landscape beyond. As night falls, the pool is transformed by the glow of underwater lighting, creating a mesmerizing effect that complements the open flame of the adjacent fire feature. The design thoughtfully balances elements of water and fire, contributing to a captivating ambiance perfect for both intimate evenings and grand gatherings.

Contemporary Elegance: Harmonizing Design with Lifestyle in Corona Del Mar

The modern, clean lines of the lounging area and the sleek design of the outdoor furniture selection echo the contemporary elegance of Corona Del Mar's architectural beauty. Each aspect of the outdoor space, from the pool’s cascading edge to the strategic lighting, has been meticulously planned and executed to ensure a harmonious blend of form and function. This portfolio piece showcases our dedication to creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply rooted in the lifestyle and preferences of our clients.

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